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What is Point Of Sale (POS) and Why Choose it?

Introducing POS โ€“ Swift, customizable, and cost-effective Point of Sale solutions for businesses.

POS redefines Point of Sale with advanced reliability, unmatched speed, and affordability. Our systems outpace competitors, ensuring swift transactions and robust functionality at a fraction of the cost. User-friendly and equipped with cutting-edge technology, POS streamlines operations, offering comprehensive insights for informed business decisions. Choose POS for a competitive edge โ€“ where speed, affordability, and advanced features converge for business elevation.

Features of RCD Point Of Sale (POS)

Easy and Smooth
Transactions happen fast and without any problems.
Easily generate and scan barcodes.
Instantly print receipts for customers.
User-Friendly Interface
Works on any device - POS machine, PC, iPad, or tablet.
Easy for staff to learn and use instantly.
Works for businesses with more than one shop.
Touch and use โ€“ it's simple and works well.
Modern Technology
It works for a long time because it's made for the future.
Saves data on the cloud to use from anywhere.
Offline version is also available.
Get daily sales and profit & loss reports.
Additional Features
Stock management for better inventory control.
Supports multiple users.
Manage order history with customer phone numbers.
Supports English and Arabic language.

RCD POS package includes

Admin Panel

Admin panel access with secured username and password

POS Software

Software which includes machine configuration

No Large Payment

Available on monthly and yearly subscription

Free Hosting

No need to pay extra for hosting

Free Support

1 month free support

SSL Certificate

No need to pay extra for Security Certificate (SSL)


Employee training will be provided

Free Demo

Pre-sales demo of the system will be provided

Product Upload

Free product uploads to certain limit

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