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What is QR Code Menu and Why Choose it?

Simplify dining experiences with our innovative QR Code Menu service, offering contactless and convenient access to menus for customers.

QR Code Menu revolutionizes how patrons engage with menus, creating a more efficient, modern, and hygienic dining environment. With the simple scan of a QR code, customers gain instant and contactless access to the menu on their smartphones.

This innovative approach enhances safety by minimizing physical contact with printed menus and provides a dynamic and interactive platform for restaurants to update menu items, display promotions, and gather customer feedback in real-time.

Embrace the future of dining convenience with the RCD QR Code Menu. Enhance the overall dining experience for your customers while streamlining operations for your establishment with the QR Code Menu’s user-friendly and efficient solution.

Features of RCD QR Code Menu

Contactless Dining Experience
Seamless QR code scanning for instant menu access.
Prioritize safety with minimal physical contact.
Create a hygienic and modern dining environment.
QR Code Menu
Open the menu quickly and easily on the phone.
Access the menu without downloading any additional apps.
Organize your menu based on categories.
Supports English and Arabic language.
Changes / updates reflects immediately.
Easy Content Management
Add or update menu items easily through the admin panel.
Instant modifications to prices, descriptions, or images.
Hide sell out item quickly.
Fits Different Businesses
Can be used by restaurants, cafes, and bars.
Ideal for events, conferences, and catering services.
Easily adaptable to diverse hospitality settings.

RCD QR Code Menu package includes

Admin Panel

Admin panel access with secured username and password

Web Portal

A web portal which will open after QR code is scanned.

Free Domain

Free non-premium domain for a year

Free Hosting

Free AWS hosting for a year

Free Support

3 months free maintenance & support

SSL Certificate

Free security certificate for a year


Employee training will be provided

Free Demo

Pre-sales demo of the system will be provided

Product Upload

Free product uploads to certain limit

QR Code

QR-code will be provided

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