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What is RCD Digital Menu and Why Choose it?

Goodbye to the traditional food menu and
welcome the RCD Digital Menu for the new normal

Are you planning to start a new restaurant or thinking to add a digital spice to your restaurant’s menu list, then the RCD Digital Menu is the perfect choice for you. It will exhilarate your customer who are looking to get food at their door by using an online food ordering system and also improves the restaurant’s online presence with its royal look and easy to operate behavior.

The RCD Digital Menu helps the business owners for the enlargement of their restaurant business to go and grow with the trend and technology. While using this system for your restaurant, you will become the witness of immoderate growth of your business.

Features of RCD Digital Menu

Elegant Design & Bilingual
RCD Digital Menu is simple, attractive, and user-friendly.
Easy ordering.
Available in Arabic & English.
Give customers an amazing experience.
Unlimited Products
You can add unlimited categories and products. No limitation!
You can also add add-ons and create your own meals.
Secure Admin Panel

With RCD Digital Menu we provide you a separate admin panel which has features like:

Easy to operate and control entire menu
Daily, weekly, monthly sales report available
Enable / Disable items feature
Create promo / voucher codes
Customer information available
Branch-wise email notification
Special Request
RCD Digital Menu has a separate "special request / add a note" section where customer can mention their specific needs related to ordered product.
Providing promo code helps to gain more sales.
Customer can redeem promo / voucher codes to avail discount.
Easy Checkout
RCD Digital Menu has a one-page checkout which is quite easy to order.
It has 3 different modes for customer convenience such as "Delivery", "Pickup", & "Dine-in".
Online Pay
RCD Digital Menu supports online payment feature such as Knet and Master / Visa (credit card).
Cash on delivery (COD) is also available.
We provide a QR-code with RCD Digital Menu. Customer can scan QR-code through any scanner app and order easily.
QR-code is easier to share.
Slide-In Ajax Cart
RCD Digital Menu has a well designed Slide-In cart with scroallable product view. customer can quickly increase / decrease quantity as well as delete items from the cart.
Cart provides an easy & understandable view of amount summary.
Device Compatibility
RCD Digital Menu is compatible with iphone, ipad, android phones and android tablets.
It also runs smoothly on stable web browsers like chrome, firefox, and safari.

RCD Digital Menu package includes

Admin Panel

Admin panel access with secured username and password

Digital Menu

Digital Menu which includes web app, iphone app and android app

Free Domain

Free non-premium domain for a year

Free Hosting

Free AWS hosting for a year

Free Support

3 months free maintenance & support

SSL Certificate

Free security certificate for a year


Employee training will be provided

Free Demo

Pre-sales demo of the system will be provided

Product Upload

Free product uploads to certain limit

App Hosting

App will be hosted under RCD's apple & google store account at free of cost

QR Code

QR-code will be provided

Online Payment

Online payment gateway integration

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