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Nowadays each one of us likes to be on top of their technological game and upgrade to the latest innovations. Voice search in fact, has become one of the fastest growing medium amongst teens. For example, voice chat on WhatsApp has been in trend for quite a long time. By indulging in voice chat, the need of typing long messages and conversations is avoided. A personal touch gets implanted through which two people can talk with ease without going through the hassle of typing messages word by word. In this generation where the attention span of everyone is less and they are intimidated by anything which pops up online, voice search is one thing which makes surfing on the internet more easy and convenient. Let us understand how one of the technological advancements of voice-based search is impacting websites through Search Engine Optimization.

Easy access to keyword search

Google’s artificial intelligence is well equipped with technological advancements, which can recognize words and phrases easily. With technology being an upper hand in today’s generation, Google has its own intelligent software which takes in information and analyses keywords with ease. It is Google’s task to find the required keywords and link it with the desired website. Usually while doing a voice search, a user will ask a questioned based query to the search engine. It will be beneficial for you if you would include keywords which will answer the questions of the users. When you are able to relate with the voice search queries there is a possibility for Google to rank your website more efficiently. An SEO consultant can make your website active with keywords which can make your website voice-search friendly.


Google will optimize with technological advancements

The job of Google search engine is to optimize its interface with upcoming technological advancements. With voice-based search being the super power, Google will have its own list of voice search recommendations where it will be easy for both user and brand to formulate strategies accordingly. For Example, in place for search keywords, Google will now show top voice based keywords which will help brands to tweak their content accordingly. Websites will then get an opportunity to incorporate those keywords in their content.


Website content Modification

With voice search, Google has the possibility to capture the user’s interests and search data but as a website developer and brand owner, it is your responsibility to alter content keeping in mind the user’s questions. For example, if a user will search “doctors near me” you have to incorporate keywords which will solve the problem of the user by ranking your website on top. It will also be beneficial if you develop a page on your website solely dedicated to FAQs. If a user can do a voice search and eliminate the option of typing, he would obviously require an answer which is quick and fits the perfect solution. Therefore, the SEO keywords have to be quick, relatable and precise.


Know your customer and their queries

With voice based search, questions tend to be quick and precise. There will be a drastic change in Meta description and keyword length. For example, users while speaking, will talk as if they carry out a conversation in real life. Therefore there may be a possibility for them to incorporate long tail keywords. So your website’s keyword choice can also differ. Another change can be the “Near me” search suggestions. If you are a shoe brand and if a user is in a hurry to buy shoes, their possibility to ask quick questions like “Affordable shoe stores” increases. Therefore, according to that you can incorporate changes in keywords.

In short, there may be technological advancements and behavioral changes in future. But if you know your consumer, you can win the game with easy changes. Activating voice-based SEO on your website will enable you to reach a completely different audience. With younger generations evolving to tech-friendly innovations, voice search is clearly on the rise and sees an increase in future growth. If you have still not established voice search in your website, it may be a good time to start now! Contact the best SEO companies and let them know your plan of action. Let us together win the game of ruling the innovation world.