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Launching an eCommerce website surely comes with loads of efforts, dedication and planning. You should only kick-start your business online, when you feel that your brand is ready to launch in the market. This should be done after completing a detailed analysis of all the strategies and market research.

Well, in our previous blog, we have covered a topic which will help you launch the eCommerce website of your dreams. But now, we will let you know the worst advice which anyone could ever give you for an eCommerce website development. There are plenty of things which will significantly increase your results and uplift your website to the top, but at the same time, below are few things which will drastically affect your website growth and at the same time are worse tips to consider.

SEO is not important for an eCommerce website

Well that is so not true. Your products need to rank higher than your competitors, then only they will sell and make it to the top pages of the search engine. It doesn’t matter if the company is big or small. Installing keywords which will help you land on the first page for Google will surely benefit your audience who are on the lookout to buy products.


ECommerce website needs to be content heavy

No website looks appealing when it is overloaded with content. Yes, there needs to be a sufficient amount of description amidst each product but that doesn’t mean that you overload your products with loads of unnecessary selling points. It will definitely look force fit and the consumers will lose interest in your products gradually. Your SEO consultant can do wonders in finding the best solutions for your content.


Connecting your eCommerce website with social media is not necessary

As we all know that social media is a hub of millions of users who come online to scroll latest trends or come together to share similar interests. Don’t you think that if your website gets little percentage of reach or exposure from the same, how good it will be to increase rankings? Therefore, go ahead and make your website available to all the customers even on your social media handles.


It is not necessary to put reviews on an eCommerce website

Do you know that reviews are one of the great selling topics for any eCommerce website? Reviews stand as a boost in the product credibility and makes your customer more interested in the purchase. The purchase then gets backed up by assurance, stating that someone has already invested in the same product and has gained satisfaction through the same. Hence, reviews are of utmost importance.


No need to hire a professional photographer for your pictures

Images are one of the top selling pointers in an online eCommerce website. If your customer is not physically present to buy the product, how do you think you can encourage your users to purchase? To create a specific brand identity, it is essential that you use images which are high quality and highlights your brand professionally in the eyes of the user. So remember to keep in check of all the deliverables before you make your eCommerce website live.


You need to keep your target audience group broad

If you are selling headphones, who do you think should be your target group? You definitely cannot target everyone right? If you keep a broad target base, your website can be cluttered with unnecessary traffic, which may bounce back because those customers are not interested in your product in the first place. Therefore, even if your website is selling one specific thing, know how to make it specified and available to your target group.

Having said all of this, we hope that you are now cleared of which questions to avoid. If someone is giving you the wrong tips, make sure you know the answer to the same. Online shopping is a competitive and rapidly growing area. We are delighted if a few of our tips could make a great change in your life, especially if you are planning to launch your website in future. Make sure you collaborate with one of the best web designing companies in Kuwait and lead your way towards success.