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Imagine a moment when you want to discover more about a brand and you are trying to access it’s website through your mobile browser. But guess what, as soon as you land on the page, it is not responsive and does not function properly on your smartphone. How would you feel? Would you want to go forward in knowing the brand more? No right. To avoid your consumers feeling the same, it is essential that your website adapts to smartphones, tablets, television and desktops. A website is responsive when it adapts itself on any screen. Below are a few essential reasons on why your website should be responsive.

To match the future generations

With the invention of smart televisions, it is now possible to view any website even on the same. With brands finding comfortable and realistic ways to connect with the consumers, they also need to match the technological innovations and make the website responsive. Nowadays a customer will view a website or a social media page as per his or her needs and on whichever device they are comfortable.


Easy design modification

Previously, a brand had to design two layouts. One for desktop and other for mobile purpose. With a responsive website the designer has to make the modification only once, post that the website is ready to go live on all screens. This saves time, effort and cost. It is important for your web design and development agency to brainstorm ideas through which your website can have a consistent layout through all devices.


Avoids brand confusion

Imagine if a user finds two different layouts for the same brand when they are browsing from a mobile phone versus a website. This will cause utter confusion and the user will instantly disconnect from the brand. Therefore, a responsive website is a must to avoid user confusion.


Helps in SEO optimization

Did you know that Google plays an important role in ranking your website? If your page is responsive and has a single URL, Google automatically takes all responsive websites into consideration and helps them to rank better in terms of search engine optimization. Your SEO consultant can help your website to be the hub of keywords which can be beneficial for your brand.


Increased website visitors

Did you know that in the current generation it is impossible for someone to stay without a smartphone? On which device are you currently reading this blog? Is it on a smartphone or a laptop? Mobile being the most user friendly device, everyone wants the access to undying connectivity. If you have a responsive website, you can in return hope to get an increase in traffic because of the accessibility of your website on different devices.


Beneficial for website changes

Imagine if you want to revamp your previous website design and want to change the look and feel of the same, will you prefer to change it individually for each screen or you would want to change it together as a whole? Having a responsive website also saves time for future adaptations. It becomes a hassle free task for both the UI and UX design agency and the graphic designer.


Great for cross platform promotions

Responsive websites are great for cross platform promotions on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube for that matter. Where do you think users access these apps from? They will always access the apps from their comfort and needs. That is from a mobile phone. If the brand is having a social media page, don’t you think it will be logical for them to have a cross platform promotion on social media? This will in return help to boost the website traffic, engagement and sales. Therefore, a good website should be responsive and user friendly.

In the end it all comes down to a smooth viewing experience and a better customer satisfaction. If the user is happy with the brand or if their goals have been achieved after viewing your website, then the brand has made a phenomenal effort taking into consideration the customer insights. With future adaptations and the introduction of modern technologies, a brand needs to adapt with the changes to fulfil the needs of evolving customers. Who knows if in the near future, websites can be supported and used through virtual and augmented reality? As long as the brand is always on its toes and ever ready to face new challenges, it will succeed in fulfilling the customer’s goals by making them dream big through a perfect website.