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The education sector is always on a ride of never ending boom. With so many courses to offer, it is one of the flourishing industry, which has set its sails high in the current situation. With the unfortunate rise of COVID-19 our economy has seen a huge increase in online education classes and eLearning solutions for children. When you plan to open an online education platform, the first important thing is to make a professional website where any potential parent or student can come and get informed about the limitless course opportunities and teaching subjects offered to them. Let us talk about seven important elements which will help you design the educational website of your dreams and the one which will help you target all your potential customers with elements that influence conversions.

Make an easy yet sophisticated look and feel

Imagine if you are a student and want to search for short term courses in digital marketing. So when you will land on a particular website what will you expect? You will expect well defined and easy to navigate columns which will make it easier for you to find the course which you want to do right? We suggest for you to differentiate all the tabs and courses according to their characteristics so that it becomes easy for anyone to find the courses which they are looking for.


Do not focus much on design

By saying this we don’t mean that you should neglect the entire design element. The main aim of educational websites is to sell their services more than attracting someone with their design. It is the course or the subject which should be a matter of interest for the students. So remember to keep your design element one notch low, but your content up to the mark! Let your UI UX design agency know your goals and mission statement.


A chat button is a must

To spark conversions, a user should have the liberty to ask doubts if they have regarding any course or subject. While scrolling through the website, one gets instant questions and feels the need to clarify doubts at that instant moment. To sell your course, make sure you have a chat box on each page by which the user gets an ease to ask questions or clear doubts.


Get the mix of image, videos and content

It is essential to add up images or videos with your course information. Sometimes images and videos are the added selling point which makes the user believe in the service. For example, if you show the image of students sitting in a classroom, a user will have the added satisfaction of trust with your organization. Therefore, the right kind of images are sure to build additional value with the brand.


Make the tone of content colorful and exciting

Nobody wants to join an educational organization where there is no fun and only study! Even if you add one fun element which a student can differentiate from other educational organizations, that can stand as a selling point for you. For example, if you add some unique offerings like virtual tours, it will surely set you apart from the competition. Make sure your website has a fun vibe to it as well. This will surely attract potential students and parents too.


Make your website SEO friendly

To tell you the truth, there are many educational sectors in the market. To set yourself apart in the market, you must make your website SEO friendly so that when any potential student or parent searches for a particular course online, they can get your details in the search list itself. Keeping yourself unique in the marketplace is of utmost importance for your brand to flourish. Make sure to talk to your SEO consultant about the same.


Always keep your target audience in mind

Having an educational website makes you a unique player in the market. But having said all this, you need to keep in mind that your target group is completely different. Your potential target group can be parents and students who are old enough to search courses for them online. If you set a target group in your mind, then only you can customize the tone and content accordingly.

Let us tell you that it is very unique yet challenging to curate content for an educational website versus a fashion eCommerce website for that matter. With educational websites, there comes a whole lot of viewpoints and making your website suitable for the target group is a big task! Here you have to sell your service and organization both. You have to evoke people to buy your services which in turn will add value to their life. To prove that to your audience, you need an appealing website which can speak volumes. Make sure you go through our points before taking your big step of making the perfect educational website and make sure you let your web design and development company know the vision of your brand.